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December 8th, 2007, 19:50
Originally Posted by Lucky Day View Post
part 2:

The script for Paladin summons aren't in and it doesn't appear that T'N'O tileset is from the description.

the TNO tiles would probably double its size.
This is incorrect. All five TNO sets are included in the beta patch as are all of the new characters, monsters and over 350 placeables we did for BioWare. Plus animated cloaks default color values are changed so that they work in the OC, etc and of course - rideable horses are now a default asset.

The whole thing comes with a new XP3.bif and .key file. Which pretty much tells you that this is not your average patch

The TNO tilesets have simply been renamed.

Barrows Interior - TNO Barrows
Castle Exterior, Rural - TNO main (the Big One)
Castle Interior 2 - TNO Castle Interior
City Interior 2 - TNO City interior
Fort Interior - TNO Fort
Sea Caves - NOT DLA work, Sir-Tech did this set - used in PotSC, Brian Chung heavily modified it to bring it up to Bio standards
Steamworks - DLA tileset, used in Inf Dungeons
Tropical - Not DLA work - Sir-Tech did this set - used in PotSC - Brian Chung heavily modified it to bring it up to Bio standards
17 New Music Tracks: DLA's David John

The overall content size in this "XP3 patch" exceeds the content that shipped in either of the XPs released as Shadows of Undrentide and Hordes of the Underdark - and is nearly equal in size to *both* combined.

As a free patch I might add.
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