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December 8th, 2007, 22:07
Dhruin that's fine, I hadn't heard the 10%, sounds low especially if you take in to account all the mod and added content, however using your numbers 10% of 2 million is 200k, is a pretty significance number, hell I bet that could keep a mmog afloat.
It's certainly true needs more work but any game with a huge fan base like NWN would only benifit, at least there is no doubt in my mind from being part of the Coop fan based since as far back as 1994 with Heretic.

skavenhorde I couldn't agree more I think they are both very good games too, I do think Coop is significant in continued sales and increased fan base.

In general as I mentioned since they both use the same engine the Netcode is present and no doubt there is added work but on any quality game that has had Coop it has been a huge boost. I can't think of a single quality game with Coop that it didn't have a positive effect.
It's certainly true some people don't prefer it, hell in the early days we all had to lug our PCs over to a friends how and do the Serial Cable Boogie! Wait who has the End-of-Line Resistor!

Dhruin & skavenhorde if you guys had the time think it would be fun to play a Coop RPG with your girlfriends/wives, buddies or whatever? Or is it just an unattractive possibility due to too much chatter or lack of focus and direction?
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