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December 8th, 2007, 23:38
I don't think Bioware every actually published the numbers as I think they were selling the information as marketing analysis to other companies. Its an information age after all.

All they have given is that MP is low compared to SP and that the DM Client is the least used of all the features. To us users of the game that last bit would be obvious but it doesn't discount the need for it or its quality as a tool for gaming. Its a darn shame that support for it dropped off so dramatically.

The NWN2 comparisons to NWN are obvious to anyone who's played both games in MP as far as sheer numbers are concerned. The staff has admitted to it while keeping tabs at Gamespy when the topic was brought up. It runs roughly around 600 people during peak hours and I remember lurking at Gamespy's website to compare against HL etc. to see NWN in the 1000's.

In a sign that OE might be moving on to their other projects responses in the forums from them has tapered off considerably by their own admission. However, they are denying their lack of interest continuing development in the game naturally.

In fact, Shane K. DeFreest has said goodbye as NWN2 Community Manager here.
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