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November 7th, 2006, 03:40
Originally Posted by txa1265 View Post
As I say in the review, I consider the combat is the best part of the game. The skill tree works well, and most of the combat is decently balanced. However, the majority of levels seem set up for envronmental-interaction combat - that is poor level design. Fun, but bad.
But the game is about environment interaction. Of course the combat is geared that way. So what if there's hazards abounding? I'm in a city under seige, there better be dangerous stuff scattered about.

Frankly, I'm glad it's this way. I don't want combat to be completely dependent on my to-hit value or completely dependent on how much scenery there is to hide behind. I think it's a great combination, and the game is totally worth the money I paid.

But I know some people don't like it that way. I understand your points. This is really a your-mileage-may-vary game. (Especially with bugs. I haven't seen a one.)
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