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November 7th, 2006, 04:05
"You have to right-click and hold for a half-second"
Hehe, I found this out by accident.
I was trying everything and then I hand slipped and all of a sudden it opened. :shocked:
So, I spent the next 10 minutes trying to reinact what had happened.

"@Acleacius -- I disagree strongly about the voice acting."
I strongly agree with your disagreement.
The problem of course is that its due to poor acting and/or poor writing.
Certianly well written dialogue can be well acted, we have all seen and felt it in countless moives pr plays.
One of the best acted games ever [imo] is Bloodlines, it can be done.
Its often overlooked and underfunded, you are corret about Gothic 3 as well, especially the comrade NPCs are the worst, which should have been the best.
The reason G1 and G2 were critised [imo] was the fact they used so few vioce actors to do so much, not that the actors were bad.
Why the hell they got all new actors whom really don't know the parts/charaters was complete nonsence.
Its another letdown by the publsihers doing a poor job of a great game, just as the music makes G3 better so to should the voices.
I am willing to bet PB has control over the music but doesn't over the voice, huge mistake.

Prime Junta I know and understand what you mean though many hardcore perfer reading, though I am about growth and fusion of RPGs.

Lol, yeah I see Mission and Carth which I have tried to ignore, though I think they did a great job with the dwarf.

KotOR was very impressive to me in voice acting department, though not all of it was great, some writing and some acting certianly fell short, but I don't think Bioware should trun from this path becase it wasn't perfect.
I realise its a matter of taste not its not a game everyone would like but I enjoyed it.
It was an evolution [imo] and NWN is starting to grow on me now, precisly due to a better acting, things started turnning around at the first inn where you meet your dwarf.

Well I started over again and went with 1 level of Fighter, getting a good selection of Feats stated and will finish as a Bard.
The other classes are just too restrictive, if I gonna spend 50 hours playing something I need flexablity and varity.
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