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November 7th, 2006, 04:52
What a sad tale. I wonder if this event has triggered the dawn of 'patched reviews.' I know that 'patched reviews' exist for multiplayer games with persistant gaming worlds… but perhaps it will now extend to single player games and multiplayer games sans-persistant worlds.

On another note, Jeff Green's insights into how an article is born demonstrates fairly well that reviews of RPG games that come out the day of or shortly after the release of the game are probably not going to be the best or most thorogh reviews…

Statements like

"The 1UP.com mandate is to post game reviews immediately, to coincide with their launch.)"

And here is where the breakdown occurred, and here's where we can find fault. Because in my head, at this moment, I knew it still wasn't quite there. It was BETTER, a lot better, but it was still nagging at me and I didn't listen to my gut. Why? Pick your excuse. I have a million things to do. I can't baby every single article through the process. I had a new magazine coming out that I was trying to pay attention to. I had 20 phone calls to return. I had next month's cover story to organize. I had a new employee to hire. And, on top of everything else, 1UP still wanted this thing right now.
While this situation most likely represents an extreme situation, after reading reviews of RPGs on the net for years now, I can't help but feel that reviews of RPGs that come out the day of or shortly after the release of a game are shallow and not very thorogh in the least.
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