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November 7th, 2006, 05:36
Originally Posted by chamr View Post
…and a slightly different take on character development…
If you think the combat or dungeons are great, that's fair enough -- but the character development system is unmitigated crap. Sure, I can create a "different" (and nonsensical) character, such as a Knight/Samurai/something/something but it has the depth of a rice cracker. Leaving aside the fact that half the Heraldries never worked, let's just say I wanted to specialise as a heavy fighter (no, not some bizaare combination of heavy fighter/jujitsu expert/rogue/mystical mage….just a plain 'ol heavy fighter. You get two melee combo attacks by level 5…how many skill options open up for my heavy fighter by the time I'm, say, lvl 30?

Not to mention if I had listened to Mr. Hardcore cRPG legend Bradley "I've been making these for 346 years so I know what I'm doing", I would expect more than just some action combat against random spawns in empty rooms missing the furniture.

Sorry if that had a little too much vitriol.
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