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November 7th, 2006, 06:55
Originally Posted by Corwin View Post
Hey, it could have been a great game. HOWEVER, the game I bought was NOT the game advertised. It was not even the game outlined on the box, or in the manual!! On top of that, it was never patched up to the game I was promised, UNLESS I shilled out another $90 (That's what games cost here). Yes, I did enjoy parts of it and I thought it had some great new ideas in it, but it was still an unfinished, bug infested mess of a pre-beta which should not have been released in the state it was in!! I do a lot of beta testing, but I don't expect to have to pay full price for the experience and then pay full price again for the finished game!!
No arguments there.

Originally Posted by Dhruin
If you think the combat or dungeons are great, that's fair enough -- but the character development system is unmitigated crap. Sure, I can create a "different" (and nonsensical) character, such as a Knight/Samurai/something/something but it has the depth of a rice cracker. Leaving aside the fact that half the Heraldries never worked, let's just say I wanted to specialise as a heavy fighter (no, not some bizaare combination of heavy fighter/jujitsu expert/rogue/mystical mage….just a plain 'ol heavy fighter. You get two melee combo attacks by level 5…how many skill options open up for my heavy fighter by the time I'm, say, lvl 30?
Just because the system doesn't support your desire to specialize to that extent doesn't mean it sucks. Same for the fact that it wasn't to your tastes. I found it fun with good twists and combinations and it kept my interest while remaining simple, which was in-line with the overall design: simple. Regardless and, ironically, in spite of DW's delusional claims about the game before it came out, I found it's simplicity and straight-forwardness part of it's appeal. Kind of a stream-lined Action-RPG with very little fluff. Also, I tend toward building generalist characters, so I'm sure that contributed to my enjoyment of the DL system.

Originally Posted by Dhruin
Not to mention if I had listened to Mr. Hardcore cRPG legend Bradley "I've been making these for 346 years so I know what I'm doing", I would expect more than just some action combat against random spawns in empty rooms missing the furniture.

Sorry if that had a little too much vitriol.
No apology necessary and, again, you'll get no argument from me there.

Let me be clear: I am most certainly not defending the biggest beefs I think the gaming public had with the game: being mis-represented as a deep rpg, being delivered half-finished and then the final insult of the CE. I'm just saying now that all that's passed, I have no problem recommending the game to my friends, with the appropriate cautions, if they can get it on the cheap. I think if you didn't get screwed like the some of us did at release, and the type of game it really is appeals to you, it's definitley worth a look.
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