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December 12th, 2007, 15:28
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Oh and the paths in The Witcher is mostly about choosing a side in a conflict. The is no good or evil, merely shades of grey. Don't get me wrong I love the Witcher and have nothing bad to say about the game, but I think it is a bit unfair using the Witcher "choice model" as a comparison when talking about Good vs Evil choices.
The Witcher is a perfect choice for making a comparison between the usual Good vs Evil choices. Take the first act for example, do you side with the witch who, from my point of view, has done her fair share of evil deeds and good or do you side with the more disgusting villagers who definatly have done more evil deeds than the witch.

You said that The Witcher is all about shades of grey. Well tell me then what is good? What is evil? There are no pure good and pure evil choices in life. There is only life. Is it evil to kill a deer to feed your family? or good because you can feed your family. Well then, what about if that deer's young died because you killed it. Then is it evil? Or let's take a more human aproach. Is it evil for yourself to steal from someone to feed yourself and your family? What about the person you stole from, they might not be able to feed their family because you stole from them, is it evil then? or good? Let's take a more religious view of good and evil for a second because that is where the words good and evil really come from anyways. Is it good for a religion to convert other religions to their faith or is it evil because they are subverting a people and their culture and possibly destorying families in the process (cults would be a good example of this). So you see in MY perception there are no pure good or evil choices, only your perception of what these choices mean to you.

With the witcher its all about perception (just like real life). Do you percieve the villagers are doing whats right or the witch. It does come down to making a choice in the matter but isn't that what real life is all about, picking a side that you think to be the right.
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