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December 12th, 2007, 20:24
Gaming boards everywhere are full of elitists, sometimes psychopathically so it seems. There's definitely an ego factor involved, and often a corresponding cliquism, but buried in the sludge of personal preferences there is also the desire for excellence.

Most of the posters here play a pretty wide variety of games, though there are some that have a crusade for 'teh old times' going on. We get resistance often for posting news about games that diverge too far from the percieved "RPG" category--for instance Bioshock, or Space Seige--but in general, there's a lot of interest on the boards for all types of rpgs, and other genres as well--strat games, indies, shooters and the dreaded action-rpg even.

That said, many people are extremely passionate about what they like and dislike in the RPG realm. The end effect of this can be vituperative namecalling or it can be a valid attempt to hold the genre to an exacting(if self-defined) standard. Good and bad points to everything. Without the passion, you have blandness ruling.
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