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December 12th, 2007, 22:00
Originally Posted by crpgnut View Post
Dasale, how old are you? This game is really not targeted at the "instant gratification" generation. This game hearkens back to the old days, so if you didn't grow up with the Gold Box games and Bards Tale, it might not be for you. This game doesn't have any "wiz bang" features. It is a solidly built engine that allows great character building via combat.
Too old for you, enough old that I don't like to give my age since some time.

Gold Box games? It's vague, what you mean? I played only a little during the beginning of the 80's and never got the oportunity to finish any games. But I played a little Wizadry and Ultima on an Apple II it's long before your Bard's Tale. I also played CRPG like Moria and Rogue that was game with characters used to draw maps, NPC and stuff. Is that enough old for you? :-)

Ok I started to play more at the end of 80's, beginning of the 90's. Some games like Pool Of Radiance, Might&Magic 2, Dungeon Master, Citadel Adventure of the Crystal Keep, Pool Of Radiance 2&3, Eye of the Beholder, Pools of Darkness, Ultima Underworld, Ultima VII, Might&Magic 3&4, Wizardry VII, Exile, Fallout, Final Fantasy VII, Baldur's Gate to close this series. I certainly played some more, but forgot them. I haven't played all of them at their release but I played all those before release of Baldur's Gate or Fallout.

So I think I know what old CRPG are, memory can be very false but I doubt Eschalon is as good than most of those I quoted above. In fact there's a few I didn't felt that good and for few more I'm sure that if I play them now nostalgia won't be enough to make me enjoy them.
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