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December 13th, 2007, 15:06
The avatar isn't really important to me, I'll happily play a woman. However, I do get annoyed having to play as an oversexed bimbo ala Tomb Raider. Not because I'm offended for the female gender but because I hate that crass attempt to manipulate me by my hormones. Just as I hate how every MMO box has a "fiercely determined young woman in skimpy armor" babe on the front. I hate being marketed to like that.

As for the role playing issue, I am always roleplaying myself. HOWEVER, I am roleplaying different versions of myself. Who hasn't gone to a Star Wars movie and imagined themselves as a Jedi? Or Bond? Or Indiana Jones? Heck, even as an anti-hero? Those people aren't who we are in real life, but more idealised versions of ourselves in various contexts.

The main reason I don't often play evil in RPGs is because I can't play "evil Naked Ninja". All I can play is some 2D caricature of a bully or a homicidal maniac. It just doesn't interest me. Where is the option to play normal people whose character flaws lead them down destructive paths? Take the movie The Prestige, both magicians were men whose obsession led them to hurt other people. I can emphathise with both of the main characters, even if some of their decisions were selfish or hurtful. I could see myself role-playing either of those men. Pity no RPG has given me the choice.

None YET that is, hehe.
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