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December 14th, 2007, 00:37
Originally Posted by crpgnut View Post
Yep, you meet the right age criteria. I find Eschalon to be better than many of the titles you listed. It's old school enough that I look forward to expansions and sequels. I'm hoping Basilisk will get enough registrations to continue the series. It's very hard in the days of broadband piracy.
I suppose you played those old games not so long ago. For example Pool Of Radiance (the first) was really good when played at the end of the 80's but even played 5 or 6 years later it wasn't that good anymore. Also in the list I provided there are some I didn't really like, for example Might&Magic 3&4, Eye of the Beholder, Wizardry VII, Pool Of Radiance 3 and even Dungeon Master that I played too late.

I have seen that Eschalon is now on OSX and that would be cool for me. So I gave it a second try, a mage this time instead of a robber. The experience has been better. I still think that fights design is too poor, single character isn't a good choice at all. The writing is average but I took care read more slowly and it worked better this time.

But I also played the first real dungeon and this one was really cool with plenty little traps and tricks. Many hints, even if often they obvious you still have to find them. I also played more of the outside area, graphics are well done it's obvious but the average design quality was less good than the dungeon. The dungeon cough my curiosity enough and later magic fights could be better, this will probably enough to make me play it more. But after to have finish The Witcher, and also probably after Albion that runs so well under the DosBOX on OSX.
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