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December 14th, 2007, 11:30
Hmm, pinnacle games and games that define their genres? Not the same really, so they need to choose what they're going for. A pinnacle game is a game central to the genre, that has inspired others to make such games, and have features that have been used in countless other games. A game that simply defines the genre, is one representing all the good/bad sides of the genre.

I've always felt that the BG series was far more central to the RPG genre than Fallout, since it's more mainstream than Fallout (which is more of a cult game). How many games has there really been that's taken inspiration from Fallout? We seen any non-combat RPGs lately? Any games where you can be clever and complete it in no time? As far as I'm concerned, Fallout is relatively unique, and a cult classic more than a game central to the RPG genre.

On the other hand, the article mentions "games that define the genre" - and Fallout certainly represents everything good in the RPG genre. So it all depends on what you're going for really - pinnacle games or simply a game that defines its genre? For me, the two are far from the same.
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