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December 14th, 2007, 16:49
Originally Posted by BillSeurer View Post
No one game "defines" a genre. All newer games build on the legacy of older games and any really good game is going to have learned from the failures and successes of those older games.
I think you're wrong there because archetypes do exist. If you take rts games as an example that is really Dune 2, but, Starcraft set up the 3 races and play-style format that the genre has latched on to.

Shakespeare I believe is used a lot as far as story archetypes; although he based a lot of his work on myths also. Another book rich in archetypes is the bible.


Rpgs are filled with archetypes that define the genre.

another edit:

Actually I guess it's how you take the word defining. As in the "best" or the "archetype" - I would say archetype but that's just me.

another another edit:

I maybe in error with SC being the game that had 3 races as I think Dune2 had 3 races anyway (been a long time since I played).
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