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December 17th, 2007, 17:20
Whenever someone mentions "Gamer Feedback" I can't help but remember the catastrophic consequences such feedback can lead to. Back in the days of Quake 1 when Id Software discovered and fixed a bug in their code involving a missing reset of the X-axis speed when jumping right after another jump (the infamous Bunny Jumping bug), the tiny yet VERY loud group of hardcore morons … erm I mean … Fans, yes fans … pheew, almost blew it there … anyway, the tiny group of hardcore fans bitched and whined so loud that Id Software give in and put the bug back into the code … and the rest of us suffered for that horrible mistake for many years afterwards, given how many games was subsequently based on Id Software engines, where the bug was never removed.

Yes, it is nice to listen to feedback from your customers. Just make DAMN sure that what you're choosing to listen to is representative of the ENTIRE customer base, and not just a small though loud group of hardcore fanboys.
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