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December 17th, 2007, 17:32
Originally Posted by Brother None View Post
While this is technically true, I always feel this is used too much as a tool for "just shut up and buy our games."

I mean, we're consumers, though whether or not people giving feedback are representative of the consumerbase is an open question, of course they have to listen to us. It's a market, not an art show sponsored by some rich geezer.
I disagree this whole customerbase thinking. Developers make games not cars or tvs. A computer game is a form of art just like movies, music or books. If you want to be a good artist you must be a dictator of your own work. The hour when your fans start developing your games is the hour when you have sold out your vision. Ofcourse the community may have good ideas and it won't hurt to discuss them openly, but listening them too much waters down the game to a point when its a medicore mix of everyone's ideas.

As a customer I have a right to get a clean bug-free game and I have a right to get technical help in case of game not working properly, however i don't think its my right to tell them how to make games. devs are already listening too much suits, fanboys, pr-people, and journalists…Thus we'll see so many crappy games without depth these days.
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