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December 18th, 2007, 00:09
Originally Posted by DArtagnan View Post
The review seemed pretty fair to me, especially considering he's not necessarily a die-hard fan of the genre.

I have to say I find the general attitude towards this game around here pretty amusing. I like The Witcher a lot, but that doesn't mean I can't appreciate that some reviewers won't forgive obvious flaws because they're so taken with the rest of the game.

People will do anything to objectively justify how they feel about something, but in the end we're all blinded by emotional bias in so many ways it boggles the mind, and it goes for this place as well as any other.
Good points all. I think as much harm as good is often done by over-enthusiastic gushing about games( and I have to say I've been at fault here myself afa The Witcher goes.) (Not that the avatar would be a clue, or anything….)

I think often a climate of adulation and hyperbole creates a backlash, where people's expectations are raised but then they're disappointed when the game plays out differently for them than it has for the rampant fans. Also some people just get turned off, feeling that nothing can possibly be THAT good. So in some senses, excessive praise can really be setting a game up to fail. Factor in the elusive things that make a game appeal to any one given person plus the fact that some people's minor annoyances can be other people's profoundly irritating frustrations, and there you are--80%. And in some extreme cases, lower.

On the whole, I think he gave the game a fair score from his perspective, and a score of almost 80/100 is nothing to be insulted about. It still rates higher than that for me, but I also can understand that other people may have a different experience with it.

I guess fun is as difficult to translate or explain as humor.
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