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December 18th, 2007, 00:38
Iīve added another update to the newsbit.

Maybe the original source is a bit clearer than Worthplaying.


"Screenshots of a Fantasy RPG study of one of our clients planned for release for PC & Next-Gen consoles and based on Vision Engine 6."

-> Maybe thatīs a hint that they no longer plan to release it. Because they have another project now.


This scanned Vision Engine flyer also shows some very similar pics. The scan was made in late August. Iīve read the pics are from May, which may or may not be true.

The developer is indeed Spellbound.

JoWooD mod & former JoWooD-Fans EiC iks wrote that both the Spellbound CEO and a JoWooD producer told him at the GC that the shots are not from G4.

My guess:
Spellbound was working on a prototype for a multi-platform RPG when they found out that JoWooD was seeking a developer for Gothic 4. They had proven technology, somebody with RPG experience (Hamma), they had an early prototype they modified to look like Gothic, they are an experienced studio and they are from Germany. Thatīs almost a perfect fit. Which gave both sides an interesting perspective. Spellbound wasnīt that successful in the last few years and JoWooD was in dire need of a studio with a decent track record, because the voices were getting louder who expected them to contract a cheap studio from Eastern Europe and cash in on the Gothic brand one last time.
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