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November 7th, 2006, 15:10
Very intrestng.
Ok looking at the Rogue it says Only a Rogue can Search for Traps over 20, does this mean (in theroy) if I could get my Search skill up 25 as any charater except a Rogue I am wasting points?
I was thinking if I just leveled certian skills up enough I could get the benifit of other classes but now I am not so sure.
Hey maybe I can do a duel weild Mage.

I do like the Bard and the Songs are great, it just get annoyed when I think I am being limited, hehe.

To me its about having fun and I know that Orc, Goblin or Lizard doesn't care if I slice and dice or fry him with a Fireball.

Appoligies if this fun over challenge attiude annoys anyone I just got tired of always trying to do the challenge, atm anyway.
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