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December 18th, 2007, 09:14
It may be suitable for RPG watch to do without scores just like Codex. Generally speaking, I am skeptical of scores and tend to ignore them especially when the score is unusual. Personally, I took the "review" here is about the world setting (Even so, 100% made my brows knitted, to be honest). I have already read quite a variety of reviews. My main concern about the Witcher is that the game-play. The evaluation of gameplay seems to be drastically different dependent on reviewers and a point-and-click action RPGs are not my cup of tea. However, after playing the demo, I found it O.K. I think the unanimous and persistent criticism about the loading time, inventory management and some character models and odd dialogs and voice acting are legitimate, too. "Sex thing" seems to be totally avoidable since I haven't encountered any except some hints. That said, my priority is the content and it looks promising in the demo.

BTW, after actually playing the demo, what I felt odd is that I wonder if the Witcher would like to go for a direction of an interactive movie or that of an improved version of point and click action RPG. Especially, fast paced action movie like cut-scenes and the method of area transitions didn't fit together to me. Also, even in cut-scenes, the camera work seems to be odd at times. As a point-and-click RPG, I still have to let Geralt work around and talk to people by point-and-clicking, which is rather slow paced while cut-scenes are very fast paced. I don't feel the pacing is well designed to fit together. This is like I am walking around a country side and find myself in a roller-coaster at times. Mixing fast paced parts and slow paced parts without letting the players feel odd is probably an issue for RPG with movie-influences.
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