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December 18th, 2007, 12:26
It's kind of a shame they'll be using the name Gothic at all in my opinion.

I mean, of course they will…but still…it's pretty unlikely that it will still *feel* like Gothic to me. On the one hand I hope I'm wrong and we do get a new Gothic (that just happens to be COMPLETE when released)…but on the other hand it'd be nice if *both* this game and whatever PB does had nothing to do with the Gothic universe but was something completely original instead.

Well, at least half that will be true…

Oh, and the screenshots do look good. But to be honest the Helldorado shots interest me more. There just aren't enough western games…and the fact that they call that a "stunning Wild West Tactical Action Strategy title" while using the words real-time strategy for the next game gives me hope that Helldorado *might* be turn-based (I hate real-time "strategy").
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