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December 18th, 2007, 15:24
Through a mysterious artefact, a richly decorated antique mirror, he is sucked into another world and lands, complete with his lounge furnishings, right in the midst of a conflict between the alliance of humans and elves and grass-like creatures.
Uh, oh, there's gone something terribly wrong with the translation …

The German original text at this place is this (translated by me) :

Roger - in his appartment - suddenly becomes sucked through an mysterious mirror and crashes with his living-room furnishing [indoor furnishing ?] into an just ignited battle between Goblins and proud King's Soldiers.

Original of this passage (just for reference) :

Roger wird plötzlich in seiner Wohnung durch einen mysteriösen Spiegel gesaugt und kracht mitsamt seiner Wohnzimmer Einrichtung in den entbrannten Kampf von garstigen Goblins und stolzen Königssoldaten.
I dare not to look at the English translation, because I fear it might be even worse, terribly worse, and I might feel an urge to correct it … translate everything anew … and I doubt I'd have the energy for such a long text …
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