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November 7th, 2006, 15:31
@Acleacius -- if that's what it says, that's how it is. Then again, traps can be worked around in other ways too (mages can use magic to reveal them and summoned creatures or familiars to spring them, for example).

The type of character you want to build depends a lot on the game. So far, NWN2 seems way more party-based than NWN1, which means that it's better to specialize: in NWN1 many modules were a pain to play if you had low Search skills and little or no rogue skills, for example, which meant that there was a lot of benefit to multiclassing as some rogue. In NWN2 you have lots of characters to draw upon, and so far it seems that the only skills you can't get your party members to use are the social ones. IOW, specialization seems like a good idea at this time. Who knows if it'll change later.

Just for kicks, what with this discussion of 9th level spells and all, I rolled up a gnomish wizard named Economy Collapse who's big on artificing and has a bunny as a familiar. I left him at the harvest party, waiting for a later play-thru. The bunny is great, what with the twitching nose and all. Can't wait to see it in combat…
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