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December 19th, 2007, 13:29
Originally Posted by Brother None View Post
That's interesting because they're so different.

Eschalon is just a copy of traditional cRPG design. It doesn't intend to innovate anything and hence it doesn't. Thomas just doesn't feel he needs to, and I think he's right, it's not like he's producing a kind of games that are a dime a dozen right now.

But AoD is different, it is in fact moving the cRPG genre "forward", so it's not just a revival of traditional cRPG design. It's not like the VD has always been against change and just wants a duplicate of mid-90s RPG design, he would just like to see cRPGs evolve in a different direction than the BioWare school. And that's what he's doing.
True, but I never claimed they were both/equally progressive.

IOW, I prefer to see Eschalon as retro-traditionalist, and Age Of Decadence as nuevo-traditionalist.

But I still would say they indicate a traditional CRPG revival, as neither faithfully embrace the new-school, click-heavy, eye-candy laden, FPSization model.
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