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November 7th, 2006, 15:44
Originally Posted by Corwin View Post
Hahaha, was the the 'in game' dialogues, or the ones posted about it on the DC forums!!
The DC forums (with very few exceptions, in deference to folks like chamr) were filled to the brim at release with 'waah … buggy … wanna my money bak … gonna sue you … waah'. I'm not defending the game, the devs or the publishers, but when you can't wait a week to see the 40% reviews roll in, you lose your caveat emptor rights …

As for in-game … Bradley could take the Terminator line "I'll be back" and come up with
"It is upon a heavy heart that the news of your decision to disallow my admittance to thine fair establishment lands, such that would a manatee upon a chickadee roost. Were thee merely to avail thyself of the near-upon button of admittance, the inner workings of my mechanized soul would cry out in a glee unknown but to the sweetest of pixies upon yonder glade. Wherefore thou dost deny such simple entry, does fall upon my shoulders the woeful tidings that backthrough yonder entry I must depart, must alight from hencefore I do desire to breach further. Know thee that my separation wilst be short, for upon gaining my vehicle and engaging the ignition in acts of combustion most foul, my heart, soul and body will henceforth return to this very spot to seek entry to your inner sanctum with the greatness of urgency that presses upon every fiber of my being … "
-- Mike
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