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December 20th, 2007, 17:51
Originally Posted by Acleacius View Post
Humm, not according to our top Economists, Greenspan and Krugman which fully cover the political spectrum and exceptionally accurate records of economic projections. Maybe you been watching too much mainstream corporate news?
Btw I am refering to 2001 +
I've been paying attention to the simple indicators that basically all economists use like the stock markets, inflation, unemployment, and GDP growth, and by those standards, the US economy has been remarkably stable and prosperous since the mid-1980's. I also see what happens in the company where I work and we are all seeing big increases in demands for all of our products and all sorts of labor and raw materials shortages, because there is so much booming business activity going on. As far as housing markets go -- yeah, the bubble was bound to burst but the American economy has survived the S&L collapses, the dot-com bubble burst, and 9-11, and it will survive whatever it is facing now too, provided the government doesn't go crazy and fuck it up.

Apologies, everyone, for the derail I couldn't help it.
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