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December 22nd, 2007, 05:01
I'm with you totally--it would be awesome to actually have to worry about the AI doing something outside the box like that. Fights may be difficult and tactical, but almost always they're either rote map-clearing or at the player's convenience--you can buff up and know what to expect in them--and when they're not, it's because the games cheat and suddenly you've been railroaded thru an irritating cutscene that dumps you somewhere with a horde of slavering minions and a stupid but powerful boss thirsting for your blood, all of which you could have easily defeated if you hadn't been thrown naked into the fray.

Some excellent ideas, chamr. And I agree w/Gothicness, Steven Peeler is the only one who's even tried to experiment in this direction with rpgs. There's a little of that feeling in some strat games, like HoMM, where you dread meeting the hero down the block, and tailor all your moves to maximize your ability to beat him when he turns up, but that's a far cry from giving the AI an autonomy similar to the player and also interwoven with story events.
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