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December 22nd, 2007, 07:24
Originally Posted by Gallifrey View Post
It even helps when you're just sick. Ailments are distressing largely because we are acutely aware of them, so get distracted and it can be like a miracle cure (albeit temporarily).

Provided you aren't sitting on a chair and sneezing on the monitor

When I was a kid I did exactly that, I would put the C64 on my lap and play from my bed when I was sick. It helped distract me from how sick I was, but I can't really do that now. Sitting and staring at the monitor just doesn't help too much and putting the desktop computer on my lap and laying in bed just wouldn't be that comfortable

@chamr I blame all those damn exellent games for my back, arms, wrist pain. If those games didn't suck me in and MAKE me play for sooooo long my back wouldn't hurt after playing. DAMN YOU WITCHER DAMN YOU TO HELL.
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