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December 22nd, 2007, 13:37
F.E.A.R: Perseus Mandate 5/10
I have played both F.E.A.R and the expansion Extraction Point. The first game was decent. I enjoyed the horror but it was a bit repetitive killing soldiers that felt they where just thrown in as cannon fodder. The story was nice though. The expansion were a bit weak but at least it continued the story. FEAR Perseus Mandate have no saving qualities except for maybe a pair of cool scenes and a FPS Engine that at least appear to be bug-free and solid. Let's see… except that the story is almost nonexistant and not connected to the previous games, the graphics looks like the game is 4 years old and produced by a bunch of mod-makers, not a professional team. The graphics is actually WORSE THAN THE ORIGINAL GAME. I do not know how they managed that. The "scares" were not as nice as the original game either. They were rather few. Also it was actually possible to miss the scares because you were looking in the wrong direction when their animation played up and all you notice is that you get static radio contact. In the previous games you never missed the scares because they were played up in front of the player. The levels were uninspired with the same old areas that were present in the previous two and nothing really new. Offices, Storage Buildings, Underground, Sewer… At least the game was entertaining and short enough for me to finish it. I cannot even recommend F.E.A.R Perseus Mandate for fans unless you get it really cheap and REALLY want another F.E.A.R game.
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