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November 7th, 2006, 21:31

Luckily, this is the INTERNET !

This means that nothing (if downloaded) ever vanishes. (even official Danish authorities have had their fair share of problems deleting every file from them on the internet - it is not good when confidential and personal flurrys about on the internet).

This also means that the now pulled review will circulate (for years?) on the internet. I don't now if this is good or bad news…..

However, the info regarding the pulling on the review is - of course - an excuse.
However, i would say that it is fairly good excuse. I will also say that it is nice to see a site being responsible, taking responsibility for its (not so great) actions.

I understand that 1up uses the whole 1-10 score of this scale. This is, in fact, imo, fine. However, I will still maintan that a review which views the whole D & D genre
as negative is not a review of the game itself, but a (negative) review of the whole genre.

IMHO; this is not any reviewer's job…
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