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December 26th, 2007, 11:03
Just finished Resident Evil 4

I think it was an awesome game, it kept me driven to beat it the whole way thru with it's varied environments and enemies. Sure the combat got a bit repetitive (as all combat seems 20+ hrs in), still there was various ways to approach it. You could do nothing but throw lead and grenades, or mix it up and use a combination of that and melee. Of course it all depends on how good a shot you are too. I wasnt aware the knife was as powerful as it is, I found myself toward the end of the game using it quite a bit to conserve ammo. The varied environments and enemies kept me interested, I was creeped out by some of the things I encountered at times. The puzzles were easy, but in the end I'm totally fine with that. I want to sit and muck around with some puzzle impeding my progress for about ten mins tops, then I want to move on. These all took me minutes (if that!), so I was a happy camper.

The button-mash simon-says sequences werent so annoying after I got used to them. Due to their prevalence in another title I recently played (TR:Anniversary), I'm growing more accustomed to them.

This one kept me wanting to finish it, and I'm glad I did. One notable boss fight that I really enjoyed was Salazar, that was a nice old-school style boss fight. Overall, the game wasnt terribly difficult, there were some frustrating parts but it was due more to control than actual difficulty. I only teched up to upgraded Red9 pistol, Riot Shotgun, and Semi-Auto Rifle, and handled pretty much everything just fine. Speaking of the Semi-Auto Rifle, what a weapon that thing is! When I finally got around to getting serious on Salazar, I tore him up before he even got a chance to lash out at me once with a combination of shotgun to the eye and rifle to his exposed body fast as I could pull the trigger. Two times of that and he was out. In fact I pulled it out for pretty much all bosses, I even kicked Saddler's ass with mainly my rifle and some grenades. Picking things off at a distance, handling bosses, or even clearing a conveniently grouped (or just difficult) enemies, the Semi Auto Rifle was my favorite all-round ass kicker of choice.

I objected to using a gamepad at first, but I soon got used to it. It is a kinda crappy job on the console-to-pc port, but hey that's the breaks if you want to play it on pc. We all have our crosses to bear, you know. Ive read that some people think the graphics suck, I thought they were great.

Overall, I easily got my $20.oo worth
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