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December 26th, 2007, 23:27
Maybe it is me, yet I don't think it's my computer, drivers maybe, though it was working better before the patch, in regard to the Memory Leaks. However if I am correct it could explain how Memory Leaks appeared.

I might have been clearer in my post, too. I agree the Saving and Loading Benifits still exist going from Hub to Chunks (small buildings). Saving Auto and Manual are very swift inside these Chunk areas like Huts. However leaving these Chunks, with very small amounts of AI present to a very active AI area, Hubs the Saving and Loading is for the most part back to Pre-Patch levels for me.

Imo and seen in the Loading Screens, what I believe they did was prevent a Full Memory Flush, when going inside these Chunks. Normally going to a Hub Pre-Patch you would see the Main System Load Screen with the Wolf Amulet, then as a Chunk loads we Switch to the beautiful in-game stills, now we just see the Stills when entering the Chunks. This means less to Load and less data to Save. Also how a possible Memory Leak could have been born, maybe just missed since the Flushing is different now for Chunks or they have a Minor problem with there new Flush System.

So, in Chapter 2 & 3 you guys can go from a Chuck to a Hub at the same Speed as Prologue and Chapter 1 or how about Loading a Hub Save?
If so, maybe the way I patched by going from 1.1a to 1.2, did you guys go from 1.0 to 1.2?

Anyway glad your not having problems.

A lot of this too I see is also due to the Saves getting bigger and bigger, I just started Chapter 4.
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