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November 7th, 2006, 22:08
I've been sitting back and watching alot of this stuff going on around 1up.com's review, the handling of the release of NWN2, and the bitch-fest that the official forums had become and I must admit that I have found the whole thing rather humerous.

For one thing, reviews are completely and totally subjective. Whether they had pulled the review or kept it meant little to nothing to me. I have played through NWN2, am on my 2nd go through (with the d2d version no less O.o) and have my own feelings on the game. After reading through the original review as posted on 1up's site I kinda shrugged the whole thing off. For one thing the reviewer hadn't played the game all the way through. That was completely evident to anyone that had been playing or had played the game. Secondly, using things like planescape torment and baldur's gate to back up his position told me that the reviewer was confusing those monumental crpg's with drivel like titans quest and diablo.

Personally, I think because of those 2 things 1up did the right thing by pulling the review. They should never have posted it in the first place so it lies on their shoulders completely and absolutely. I am a little wary of 1up now because they have decided to keep the reviewer around but, the fault does not lie with him solely. Sure, he should have passed on the assignment seeing as how he either does not enjoy true crpg's or does not have the time/capability of fully playing the game in order to give an honest assessment of the game. But, the process of reviews going to print/posting obviously need to be worked on and the editors all bear a share of the responsibility for having a jaded person review the game and not fully reading the article before it was posted.
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