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December 28th, 2007, 15:38
Originally Posted by JDR13 View Post
I won't compare MoTB because that's not even a full game by itself, but I don't think The Witcher is anywhere near the level of the first 2 Gothic games.

When is the last time you tried to play Gothic 3? Reason I ask is because it's come a long way from being the buggy crap it was when it was first released, almost an entirely different game now with the latest patch. With what the coming 1.6 patch promises, I think it will be truly excellent.

Hellgate London is pretty bad by CRPG standards, it shouldn't even be considered for any awards. Two Worlds isn't bad, but it's not RPG of the Year material imo.
I thought you hadn't played the witcher yet? I've been really pleasantly surprised by it, even by comparison to all the hype. It's definitely different from the gothics in terms of gameplay and combat, but had a few things that really reminded me of it. The slightly darker atmosphere, the sarcasm in the conversations, the fact that loot upgrades are condensed to a few major sea changes in quality rather than an endless stream of minor improvements that you never really notice, the sense of a living world and real characters.

It doesn't admittedly have the wonderful open world of gothic where you can wander with the accompanying thrill of wandering into the wrong place and dying (and sometimes running in and out and coming back with some powerful loot), or the seamless world for walking in and out of buildings etc, but it's got other features that are better (the alchemy system in particular makes for interesting play, the lack of healing potions that heal you instantly requiring you to plan your health better etc).

And MoTB may not be a full game but in so far as it's shorter it's only because they've taken out the endless grind of crap you normally have to slog through so if anything it's a bonus having it shorter but more interesting.

Sounds like Gothic 3 is well worth revisiting anyway, I'll check it out again once the 1.6 patch is out
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