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January 1st, 2008, 04:04
Don't hold your breath, I have heard no more patches till the release of the expansion/sequel.

It might just be me, while I was disappointed the RPG elements were dropped (sorry I don't feel like looking up references to Stalker including RPG elements atm) and COOP, but the real killer to me (in any game) is constantly respawning enemies, with no foundational basis in the story.

The best comprehensive mod I found was the *Faiakes Mod* seems to even add previously deleted content, including monsters and cars.

I was able to eliminate most of the respawning by editing my se_respawn.script in my gamedata folder, the only respawning that seemed to take place I didn't get was on level change and mostly those horribly annoying repeating attacks in Garbage. Where you get so frustrated you want to just let the enemies kill all the good guys so you don't have to keep saving them.

Overall a very innovative creation of a PA World and attempt on paper but clearly beyond the developers capability, this includes engine, scope and gameplay encounters, i.e. we suck at it so bad, we have to have constant respawing.

Yet another developer with tons of free help and labor from fans completely ignored.
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