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January 1st, 2008, 12:06
It was a year of hope.

MoTB showed us that storytelling D&D still works. The Witcher showed us that the P&P-virtues of choice & consequences once brought to the computer by Fallout are not completely incompatible with modern technologies and presentations. And Eschalon showed us, how professional and tailor-made for the target audience an indie-title can be.

Still all three games are short compared to how much playing time the ADD-crowd gets. On top of that, one is an indie-title, another just an addon/mod and the third one is the debut of an unknown polish company featuring a world from a series of novels unknown outside Poland. Not the most solid foundation to build your hopes on.

Still, maybe, just maybe those with the money that once decided that "RPG" is a trademark that can be sticked on any computer game to sell it better, see that there is an underused market that can be exploited. A market that is much more interested in the achievement of a talented writer than in the achievements of a graphics artists using up to date technologies.

It may not be a large market, but it's a modest market and a famished one to boot: Recycle a 5 years old engine and they would still buy the game as long as the story is good. While there is much more money to be gained by an Oblivion-Style "RPG" the profit margin (i.e. money outcome to money income) of a "real" RPG is destined to be much larger.




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