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January 1st, 2008, 17:43
While B-games certainly exist, just like B-movies, Brother None's point about those games existing outside the mainstream industry rather than being part of it is spot-on. The B-games are out there in droves, but they are not incorporated into mainstream coverage and consideration, which is the point I believe the article is trying to make, they don't exist on the mass audience radar.
I think the mainstream press could certainly find room for these games, and in small ways it does happen here and there (GfW magazine often has coverage of lesser-known games for example), but it's not all up to the press. The audience needs to recognise the games as well, and all the press coverage in the world won't matter if people don't care. Which is kind of the tricky part, people need to look outside the latest flashiest AAA graphics extavaganzas. Once that happens, "game noir" has a fighting chance of acceptance and acknowledgement.
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