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January 2nd, 2008, 00:16
For me it wasn't a very good year when it came to new games, I did however manage to complete a lot of my older games.

Neither the Witcher nor MotB appealed to me because of their darker nature and so I passed on those I have to admit. I'm sure they are okay games, just not my taste.
I tried STALKER but couldn't get into it very much, I prefer my swords and elves and magic over guns and mutants I'm afraid

However, I did finish Titan Quest, Neverwinter's Nights 2, Oblivion (the main quests and lots of the side quests), Guild Wars Prophesies and NWN Shadows of the Undrentide (not the first time I finished that last one) so when it comes to enjoying RPGs it hasn't been a bad year at all.
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