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January 3rd, 2008, 04:01
Finished "The Treasure Planet - Battle at Prokyon" I think this is the original, English-language title.

It's a strategy game in the same tradition or style as Homeworld and - if I'm correct - made by the makers of the second Homeworld game … don't remember it's title … no, not Homeworld 2 …

Of course, since it's a "Disney" game, it's been made much more simple - my personal impression is that the "work" factor of Homeworld had been taken out and the "simplification" moved the "fun" factor in - at least did more emphasis to it.

I like the game very much, and if you're capable of Homeworld, I think then you should definnitively get it, if you can have it for a bargain price.

Of course, since iit's a Disney game, all the characters look more "cartoonish", but I had no problems with it. The story was a bit slow, but with an interesting end nevertheless.

And no, it's not fully 3D control of your "Starships" - only 2D. That makes everything much more easier. I think … you could perhaps even use this game as a kind of "entry" into Homeworld. As kind of a training.

I can recommend it - for a bargain price surely. And since it's relatively old nowadays, it should be cheap right now, I expect.

If someone has it - I'd like to play Multiplayer with it, just to try this out.
PM me, if anybody wants to play MP with me.
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