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January 3rd, 2008, 10:18
Well I just finished the Call of Duty 4 demo, I had to see what everyone was talking about.

I enjoyed the demo more than I thought I would, despite the fact that I don't like the stereotypical Marines vs Militants scenario. Whether or not it's actually the best CoD game is pure opinion, I didn't experience anything that led me to believe it was better than CoD 1 or 2, but that's probably because I loved the WWII scenarios in those games.

The graphics are top notch, but nothing revolutionary. The sound is great as well, although I was more impressed with the sound effects in CoD 1&2, especially the gunfire.

The game is heavily scripted just like the previous ones, and the enemies respawn like crazy. The AI of your teamates hasn't improved from the very first CoD, and they mostly just seem oblivious to your presence until yet another scripted event comes into play. The AI of the enemies doesn't seem to have evolved at all either.

The basic gameplay of moving from one objective to the next feels identical to the previous games, in fact I could have sworn I was playing CoD 2 again, except I was fighting Arabs instead of Germans.

Not a bad game if you're looking for a nice adrenaline rush, but nothing incredible imo.
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