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January 5th, 2008, 14:25
Question number 1:I played morrowind with no mods so i can't help you.I don't like mods.
Question number 2:I played morrowind the first time with an attitude of a hardcore gamer.I was trying to do all quests and enter all dungeons i saw.I managed to play it for 2 weeks.I uninstalled it saying what a crap game it is.After some months i played it again with a concept."I will be a fighter thief person with a neutral attitude.I did only quests that was close to my concept and suddently i loved the game.Morrowind was a new game.Great experience.
As for Oblivion…..i was playing it without mods until i got my first glass sword.I was very happy until i met a random bandit who asked me 100 golds.I said no,thinking it's time to use my new sword.Guess…he had one too.Then i tried it with many mods but some negative elements were there and i quit.Morrowind has no rival when it comes to oblivion
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