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January 5th, 2008, 14:00
Originally Posted by fatBastard() View Post
Both types of gaming experience contain the same gameplay elements but in the former YOU create your reason for being there and in the later THEY (the developers) created your reason for being there.

I disagree with that analysis, the games aren't really that different as far as the way quest are presented, although I won't deny that Oblivion had more variety in the styles. I also never felt that I needed to create reasons to be there while playing Morrowind, the quest were varied and interesting enough to keep me going the whole time I played it.

The problem that I ran into rather, was the fact that I'm a completist who tries to do everything you can do in a game on a single playthrough. That's not really feasible in Morrowind, and I ended up getting burned out on my first attempt after 100+ hours, similar to what akarthis describes in the above post about his first experience with the game.

In fact, there is so much to do in Oblivion, that I strapped myself in and went for a ride and I wasn't finished until more than 300+ hours later, and there was still plenty or ruins/caves left to explore.

fatBastard(), did you use any mods when you played Oblivion? Just curious if you actually found vanilla Oblivion fun enough to play for 300+ hours.
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