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January 5th, 2008, 18:35
I was more driven to explore every nook and cranny in Morrowind, I'm an explorer at heart. The caves and various temples and such strewn across the land were little mini-goals for me that needed to be conquered. The monsters within needed to be eradicated, they held specific loot and secrets that needed to be unveiled. Once they were, I felt my work was done. It gave me a sense of completion, I had truly conquered the land. They were also not pointed out to me, I had to comb the land in search of specific places.

In Oblivion, there are similar dens and such scattered about, but for the most part there is no conquering them. They respawn enemies, loot, and so on, and most of them are non-specific in the nature of their contents. Basically, theyre random dungeon generators, as opposed to the crafted dungeons of MW. There is no real search for specific places in Oblivion, as there is in Morrowind, since there is a map thing which shows you where things exactly are. Oblivions dungeons do have traps, which can be fun, and I'm not saying theyre entirely bad. I do like both games, but I would have to say that I felt I made more of a difference in Morrowind when everything's said and done.
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