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November 8th, 2006, 09:04
Originally Posted by Corwin View Post
I don't like Japanese style RPG's, but I got asked to review Seal of Evil which is based on that genre. I played the game and attempted to review it fairly as a game holding my personal bias to one side. I think from the response it received that I managed to succeed. Therefore, I have no issue with someone reviewing a genre they don't like, provided they take a professional approach, especially when they are being paid to do it!!
Agreed. After reading some of the "reviews" at 1up.com, if someone is thinking of buying games rather than reading opinions, I recommend him visiting other sites. I went there only because I was curious of the unusual score of the pulled "review" only to find there was not enough content to justify it or even a slightest effort to offer the readers information before buying the product. For example, here is NWN2 review at Gamespy (Thanks, Kalia for the heads-up). A simple question: Positive or negative, how much information can you get from it compared with the pulled "review"?

There are many blogs/forums with opinions and they are all right in their ways but, IMO, they are not what I expect from professional reviews. If the unusually low score is not an intentional trick to attract people, I hope they will do some efforts to make the content richer and be more professional journalists, who live on what you write, rather than amateur bloggers or forum members, who simply enjoy writing what they feel/think about their hobbies.

BTW, this is definitely off topic and probably bit picky but Seal of Evil is not Japanese but Chinese. East Asian would suffice if you find it difficult to tell.




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