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January 7th, 2008, 10:31
I have about 50 hours in both of them, so I'm not exactly an Elder Scrolls fan (didn't like Daggerfall, either). That said, I'm not one of the irrational haters either, so perhaps my opinion has some value.

Ultimately, I liked Oblivion better for "gameplay" reasons. I simply hated the insipid combat in Morrowind. OB's combat isn't perfect but it's much, much better and the ranged combat is quite enjoyable. I also thought OB had better dialogue, better quests and some of the short storylines (Brotherhood, Thieves Guild) are pretty good, if linear and devoid of choices.

I also didn't connect with the alien landscape of MW, although it's much more creative than the generic fantasy of OB. I'd also agree the lore and houses are much more interesting in MW…I just couldn't enjoy them.

Francesco's fixed the scaling debacle in OB and I quite enjoyed finishing the Brotherhood and Thieves Guild but that was enough.

So, OB has improved gameplay elements (scaling aside) and MW has a more interesting setting, even though I didn't really like it.
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