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January 7th, 2008, 11:28
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well Im in VERY early stage of the game.. where I cant run fast, i cant jump well, I cant cast spells much and I cant kill things well. I got my butt kicked good by nix hounds in some cave where random ppl attack me. and yes combat system just bores me so much. I suppose that cant be fixed though. is there some mod that helps me level up faster? I would like to fight vampires or some more impressive monsters. also…. npcs irritates me a lot, so I want to get powerful enough so I can whack ppl in the face and run away without getting killed…. I mean after all you can do WHATEVER you want in this game… thats the best thing about non-linear game like morrowind I do wish to turn into vampire at one stage too….
Grinding is truly a problem in the beginning

There are mods that affect how long it takes to improve skills, though I dont know the names of them. Without modding the following goes (you might know this already)

Improving your skills is dependent on use, and only "successful" use counts, so in the beginning your combat skill will improve slowly as you miss a lot (due to low skill). Once you have 40 points or so you will improve faster, and once you reach a much higher skill things will slow down again as improvement becomes more "expensive". If you use a custom build with major skill for the weapon you want to use (spears, hand to hand, and short blade are weakest, the others are fine) you'll start off around that level.

Armour skills are upgraded by getting hit while wearing the relevant armour. The starting area has low level enemies like mudcrabs and rats that can "train" you without killing you fast.

Jumping and running skills (acrobatics/athletics) are trained simply by jumping and running, and since these skills always succeed they will go up very fast. Just press the key for "always run" upon loading a savegame and jump a lot. It does lower your stamina and make you susceptible to knockdowns though.

The human enemies in dungeons are AFAIK not level scaled in MW and are generally too strong for a level 1 character unless that character is a fighter type. The bandit cave outside Seyda Neen and the first dungeon that you are sent to in the main quest are probably the easiest "human" dungeons.

And one little Elder Scrolls oddity: Due to level scaling your enemies become stronger as you level up, so the strongest character might be one that doesnt have his used skills as major/minor skills. A level 1 character with skill levels of 70 will be much stronger relative to his enemies than a level 10 character with skill levels around 70. The caveats (for Morrowind) are that a higher level does give you more hitpoints, and that some enemies (notably humans) arent scaled to your level.
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