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January 8th, 2008, 13:08
Of course RPG games are all about manipulation, in a sense - being manipulated into following the story that is, when "real" people would probably do anything but. But I can't say I have felt manipulated in the sense that Corwin describes, or deliberately taken the "other" choice because I thought the developers were pushing me a certain way. I have however made choices that seemed "less obvious" simply to see if I was actually allowed to follow through with it, or if it was a pseudo-choice that would railroad me back to the main path quickly by some trick. A test of sorts on how easy it is to poke holes in the illusion. How annoyed I was that the seeming "choice" to join Dagoth Ur in Morrowind never materialized. Or the many dialogue "choices" in Baldurs Gate that all funneled me into fighting the NPC anyway. How pleasant a surprise in the witcher that actually allows you to walk to your own doom
Spoiler – The Witcher Chapter 2

I guess it's part of the core "feel" of a good game as many here define it, that you feel that choices you can make are real - if that feeling comes up (like it did in the witcher) I don't metagame choices but simply try to follow what I think is suitable for the character I am playing.
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