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January 9th, 2008, 01:06
I know and recognize exactly what Corwin is talking about, while I don't think I make decisions that are in a direction opposite of my intended goal (always good or neutral). However, OH hell yes if I feel unfairly/insidiously manipulated after spending $50 I will screw with the game mechanics that wrongly force me to do something blatantly unfair.

I can see why Corwin would use the alternate choice as a method, since iirc Corwin has stated in the past, he won't ever start a game over until he has completed once, does not use codes and similar. Once I get to the point of recognizing it, I feel justified of going outside the game design since the developers are doing it.

After being frustrated about the same scene at the end of chapter 1,

So as entertainment at the end of chapter 2 fight, I had to replay it as yet another quest had broken in chapter 3 and knew I could beat it, so

Don't get me wrong there are fully acceptable developer manipulations, as PB in Gothic where key characters are invincible until they have played their major scenes. In The Witcher, I often found myself being unfairly manipulated another really good example is the Shani and Triss quest in chapter 3. I found it completely unbelievable and then Cd Projekt pissed me off when they berated me with the completely asinine response from the secondary choice. I can respect Cd Projekt for their talent and accomplishments but they start jacking me around trying to piss in my beer, that annoys me.

The Witcher set an idea/vision/goal to try to make no choice good or bad which could be seen as a very good goal. Many people like to point out how this is representative of real life and I disagree. I felt the unrealistic padding and could have forgiven them but they had to go and keep kicking us in the shins.
Instead of dealing in absolutes (nothing good or bad) they should have attempted amap, it would have been a much better flowing and balanced feeling game. They wouldn't have put all that false pressure on themselves, since many times their quests work very well in feeling and application. The game design was at it's best when it tried to unite instead of the lows when the game tried to divide.
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