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Default Omg, the GM is *****, no he's not, yes he is! (MAJOR spoilage!)

January 10th, 2008, 09:37
SPOILERS from endgame!

Time for more fun with The Witcher? Need you ask or put another way the moderators are still letting me start posts, suckers!

So, what's up next, if you guessed Clones and Time Travel give yourself a .
That's right did you know Alvin is a Time Traveling Clone? No? No? Well then you aren't paying attention as this is one of the biggest topics of discussion on the official forums, with at least 5 threads some reaching up to 17 pages and some of these from people who have read the books.

First lets start with the who and what of things, this gives us Alvin escaping/teleporting/time traveling, depending on your position in chapter 4 and the GM appearing in chapter 5 to save Geralt to payback a debt of Geralt saving him.

Second we have the GM projecting himself into Geralt's mind, reading his thoughts, trying to take control and creating a possible vision of the future based on the prophecy OR bringing Geralt's conscious and subconscious into his mind, while reading it, creating the possible future vision based on the prophecy, IN either case Geralt can die for real in the game.

Third we have the GM dying with a Dimeritium Amulet Geralt gave Alvin or one like it, again depending on your position and Geralt mentioning he could have been known by another name.

To get this going I will post an excerpt from a reader of the books and Time Travel proponent, hopefully we can figure out what's going on.

This is a long post and can be confusing if you don't follow Time Travel but it's 3 different possible timelines, so don't think it's all one explanation, just in case you are half awake as I am most of the time.

This seems well thought out and well written, does most everyone agree with Conn?
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